What can we help you with?


+ My amp's valves crackle when warming up

This is quite common, and shouldn't pose any issues. If the noises stop after a minute or so, then you have yourself a perfecly good set of valves.

+ What valves do you reccommend?

All of our amps ship with JJ branded valves. Having tested many brands, JJs are by far the most consistent and reliable.

+ Where can I get covers and cases for my Hamstead amp?

You can order customised soft covers from RoqSolid here.

For flight cases we highly recommend BCS in the UK. You can find them here.

+ What is the warranty on Hamstead amps and cabinets?

Our amps come with a 5 Year limited warranty. For full details please look here.

+ My power light is not working. How can I change it?

Power down the amplifier. Then unscrew the green jewel to acsess the bulb. Unscrew and screw in the repalcemnt. The appropriate bulb is: T47 6.3V 15mA.


+ What is the warranty on Hamstead pedals?

Hamstead Soundworks provides a 1 year warranty on all of its pedals. This covers defects in manufacturing discovered when using the product as recommended by Hamstead Soundworks. This does not cover loss or theft, nor does it extend to damaged caused by accident or misuse.

You are responsible to ship a faulty product to us. Prior to a return, please contact us via our contact page, selcting the Technical option. Valid returns will be shipped back to you carriage paid. If a pedal is found to have been tampered with, or the damage is not covered by the warranty, we will contact you with a repair and shipping quote.

This warranty is not transferable.


+ How can I order an amp?

Customers outside the UK may place an order directly from us. There is usually a waiting time. For contact us on our Amp Ordering page here

+ What currency can I pay in?

Currently we take payment with £ GBP.

+ Do I pay VAT?

You will only pay VAT if you are in the UK and EU. Customers outside the EU will pay the VAT-free price.

+ When do you ship?

We ship in-stock items twice a week.

+ How long does shipping take?

We use Royal Mail for small items such as pedals. This usually takes 3-5 working days. Some countries may experience longer shipping times. All Royal Mail shipments are sent First Class, and will require a signature.

Amplifiers are shipped with UPS. Shipping times will be advised with each order, however this is also usually 3-5 working days.


+ Can I visit the workshop and labs?

You can, however please contact us first to arrange an appointment. We are very busy and can-not guarantee to accommodate unsolicited visitors.

+ Do you offer endorsements?

We do offer modest discounts to certain artists. If you are actively making music and/or have an audience and following, please send us an email here telling us about yourself and your projects. Please bear in mind that as a small business we must be highly selective in this process, and only want to work with artists that specifically want to use our products. If you're looking for any endorsement from anyone that will give you one, or expect something for nothing, then you've come to the wrong place!