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About Us


Our Story

Hamstead Soundworks was born out of the fusion of two obsessions; one for tone, and one for electronic design. The story began with Jim Bird asking Peter Hamstead to replicate an old guitar amplifier. It had been modified over the years, and despite being a mess of tacked on parts, it sounded truly amazing. Looking at whether he could replicate it, Peter soon found that he could better it. This irresistible collaboration serves as our foundation to this very day, ensuring that each product we create is not just a musical instrument, but an incredible experience to inspire your musical expression.

Our approach to amp and pedals is different, not for the sake of it, but because we believe there to be a better way. You won't find what we do anywhere else.

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Family Name, Family Values

We're a small and dedicated team based in South Cambridgeshire, Great Britain. We build all of our products in the UK, with quality and precision at the core of everything we do.

Our team consists of: Peter, James, Jim, Tommy, Tim, Ben, Brian and Dotti the dog.

Peter Hamstead

Armed with his lab coat, electronic design and engineering is led by Peter Hamstead. He brings a fresh approach to amps and pedals, having a background in avionics and radar, as well as many years in electronic design and development. His varied career boasts an impressive CV with projects ranging from Sony Centre audio switching systems to non-destructive testing equipment for the supersonic airliner, Concorde.


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