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Our obsession with tone and electronic design has driven us to push the boundaries of what a drive pedal can be. This is Odyssey: One analogue circuit by Peter Hamstead, countless sublime classic and contemporary tones. With interactive controls for unbelievable versatility, Odyssey can take you on a journey from clean boost with tone shaping, to classic rock, through to heavy metal, and all the way to oversaturated fuzz. The sweet spot is wherever you want it to be - whether you simply want to find your sonic nirvana, or embark on an epic adventure of discovery.

Odyssey Features:

3 Clipping Circuits • Guitar & Amp Tone Shaping • 18dB of Clean Treble & Bass Boost & Cut
Transparent Overdrive • Mid Boost Overdrive • Medium Gain Overdrive
Rock Overdrive & Distortion • Metal & Doom Distortion • Fuzz

An optical OptoKick footswitch from our friends at TheGigRig, for silent and reliable switching.

Electronic design by Peter Hamstead. Dreamt up & voiced by Tim Steer.


We've begun an exciting journey, and we'd love for you to join us.
Odyssey is here and ready for you to order now, with international shipping available.


£219 (Includes 20% TAX/VAT)

£219 (Inc. 20% VAT)

Ships in 2-3 days.
£10 Shipping

US & Worldwide
£182.50 (TAX FREE)

Ships in 2-3 days.
£10 Shipping





Can Odyssey honestly do all of those things, and sound great whilst doing them?

Does it work well with different types of amp?
We tested Odyssey with a large range of familiar amplifiers and guitars, and we're pleased to say that it does.

What are the power requirements?
55mA Negative Centre 9v Only

What are the dimensions?
68w x 120d x 63h mm. The input & power sockets are also conveniently placed on the top.

Do you ship to my country?
Yes, we can ship worldwide.

Do I want one?
Of course.

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